Often goes by Koku as internet alias. I draw beastmen.
May contain M/M overtones.
Sometimes NSFW, please be careful!



Second Batch of my Painted Chibi Commissions.

Once again, very good coloring practice and I may be up for more in the future!

Arden wants to show you a good time. ;)

Caleb, freshly showered and ready when you are!

My entry for Pixiv Fantasia!

From what I gathered, redesigning a pre-existing character for PF is not frowned upon, so after a couple of good friends pushed me into it, I put Arden, the BeardyBaraBurd from my previous doodles, into the PF universe. c:

NSFW Commissions! :D

Zudomon stahp u////////u

Gen the Warrior Bear with his AU alter-ego, Gwen the Teacher Bear.

Because I love big bears cuddling.

Someone left kittens outside Gui’s apartment building. He can’t take them in because the place doesn’t allow pets. :c

Possible revival and redesign of another old character, Gui the Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle!

Zudomon =/////=+

After so many friends, followers, fan notes, comments and everything else I just

I just


Worked on this since three days ago between works and other doodles. <3

Caleb entertaining Gen the Warrior Bear. The purple mutt is so man-crazy, he could cross AUs just to cuddle. uwu

Commissioned pictures. Characters are owned by their respective owners. :)

Bear warrior I doodled up between works today. He was derived from one of my existing OCs.

Cameo appearance from Ocaritna and Ponpekopon's own warrior-characters. :)